Giacinto Ruggieri Cello Pattern


    One thing that occasionally happens when working as a restorer is that one falls in love with an instrument ( the opposite can also be true! ) This cello was modeled after one by Giacinto Ruggieri, who was possibly the least well known member of the Ruggieri family of makers living in Cremona, Italy during the time of Stradivari. The original had willow ribs  and back, a cherry neck and scroll and was most likely made for a working musician rather than a wealthy patron. The original outline has been lengthened in the center bout to bring the overall string length to a more modern standard and I have modified the “f” holes. The back on this instrument is quartered American Poplar. A Ruggieri pattern cello I built from this same wood won an award for tone excellence at the 2006 VSA International Violinmaking Competition.

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